Structural Repairs & Service

Responsive, detail-oriented service makes us the best in cooler and freezer repairs, too. Our professional, on-staff technicians will use our own exclusive, unique reinforcing wall systems and reinforcing floor systems to seal panels and restore/reinforce seams.

We do not repair, replace or diagnose any problems associated with HVAC, condensers, condensing lines, Freon lines or cooler/freezer fans.

What Can We Repair?

Buckling Panels

Brace walls, seal panels, and install support components using our own unique, exclusive wall reinforcing system.

Air Gaps

Install new wall barriers and add insulation.

Moisture Leaks

Restore sustainable airtight seams.

Ceiling Damage

We will install our exclusive ceiling panel system.

Floor Damage

Repair or replace warped, rusty or water-damaged floors.

Contact Us

Hours make the difference. Call us today for responsive service by our skilled, professional on-staff technicians.


Our Promise

We guarantee exceptional, responsive customer service; honest, professional repairs and installation; quality, made-in-the-USA craftsmanship, and a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on every replacement door.


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